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The wild beaches of Saint-Barth have this particularity to be still wild. Contrary to many sea resorts worldwide, and with the exception of 2 or 3 beaches in Saint-Barth, the major part of them, does not possess either restaurants, or bars, or other infrastructure on the latter. What a pleasure to be able to settle down on the white sand, under the sun, in front of the blue sea in a protected area.SBH-3 The hiking trails which lead to the natural swimming pools cost their heavy of gold. These natural swimming pools, are in fact enclaves dug by the time, and tides to close in the middle of the rocks of small pockets of water called natural swimming pool. 2 main paths, that are leaving from the beach , you follow the hill in a luxurious and restful set. The disorientation is guaranteed there. Around you, along the mountain, goats will accompany you until your destination. This small path is feasible for all with good shoes. You will overhang the Caribbean Sea throughout your route and will take advantage of a pleasant breeze

.   SBH landing plane Land on one of the shortest runway of the world. Real attraction of Saint-Barth, to see and to see again planes landing at the Gustav III airport of Saint-Barthélemy. More surprising from the outside than from the inside, to see these planes getting ready for a soft landing on a runway of hardly 650m, constitute one truth experience. As we say here, you belonged to Saint-Barth if you were at least to watch planes landing. If you are good photographer, you will take a real pleasure there to shoot these planes with you friends because all the angles are possible but also everything the visual effects. A real amusement to be made in your day.
SBH-5 Go on foot to the beach of Colombier do some snorkeling is one of the nicest escapades to make on the island. The access of this beach, which can be made only by boat or on foot, is a kind of creek where sailing boats like coming to anchor for the day. Shielded from waves, this small white sand beach offers besides a magnificent spot, a spot of snorkeling top-grade. A turquoise blue sea, no waves or little, downstream to cliffs fishes, small lines, turtles and other marine animals adore to make a stop. Furthermore, you can admire by far the vestiges of the house of Rockefeller who came to settle down for the first time in 1957. To make for it a picnic, or just a dive the beach of Colombier is certainly a place not to be missed. But before arriving there, in any case for those who want to go on foot there, know that this stroll of +/-20 minutes, will make for you follow a way of the most stunning. Slightly rocky, we advise you however to provide you with a good pair of shoes, as well as to the children, know however that we made it in other tongues. Well, let us remain serious, shoes it are better. If you are lucky and that you arrive at the period of hatching of the “Pierids of Tapier” (small white butterfly) which you will see by hundreads playing and dancing in the middle of the white flowers and trees that stand on the edge of the cliffs

. plage de saline Go to the beach of Saline spend a moment of maximum relaxation there. Away and far from the agitation, the beach of Saline offers a wide area of white sand which resounds as a call for calm and in the serenity. Situated behind saline, place where was formerly harvested the salt, you will circulate through a completely different landscape besides from the island. In Saint-Barth, the nudism is forbidden but you can meet from time to time one or another nudist having a walk. Worth knowing in case of … then or before go to eat a Creole dish at the ” Grain de Sel” restaurant because it is the place where you have to go to eat a Creole dish. The Chef, Eddy is from Guadeloupe offers a menu where its West Indian origins are broadcast well. Fricassees of lambi, blaff of fishes, spiny lobster etc…. In brief, an address to be recommended and this is what we do

. Jimmy-Buffets-original-Cheeseburger-in-Paradise-St.-Barths

DO some shopping in Gustavia and to settle down at the Select bar. Of course, to walk up and down the streets of Gustavia and do some window-shopping. The most beautiful luxury brands mix there and will indulge to open you their doors. Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, etc…. For that to ask of better ? By keeping your momentum and probably given thirst by the heat, you will end your running at the ” SELECT Bar ” mythical place of Saint-Barth, remained unchanged since its creation in 1978. Plastic garden chairs, a root atmosphere but nice and known hamburgers worldwide. If you come to St-Barth, need at least that once you go to Select! End your day at the lighthouse of Gustavia looking at sunset.


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