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This post groups undoubtedly good to know information when you intend to visit in the American West. The success of a journey in the discovery of parks requires above all a good preparation of your roadtrip.

First advice I want to tell you: take time to well prepare your future journey.

The American West abounds in luxurious places to be visited and to be traveled.

Not to prepare its journey can make you miss inevitable places or make you do kilometers where you spend your day behind your steering wheel.

To prepare its journey, it is already have one foot in the journey. Don’t you think? That even more tempts to be there already.


When we think of journey in the American West, inevitably we pass necessarily by the compartment “flight booking ” that you come from Europe or moreover, you will have probably at least two flights to be taken to join the long-awaited West. Then why not went pleasure to the outward journey or the return travel … I speak to you about stop-over. When to buy your plane ticket, you will have a stop-over in New York, Philadelphia or others if you travel with the same company on quite your sections, you are certainly entitled to make one stop – free over in this city.

I give some explanation: imagine scheduling you a roadtrip in the American West, you look for the best flights Paris – > Los Angeles. Your search engines or your travel agency, inevitably will communicate you a routing Paris – Nyc – Los Angeles with Delta Airlines and well why do not take advantage to make a stop, a City trip in New York? Or on the way out or on the way back. A stop of a few days will not be more expensive to you if you had made your flight in direct connection to Los Angeles. The trick is naturally to book your flight directly on Los Angeles and to make a stop-over for Nyc. I mean there, not to segment your flights. You will have in this way, made two journey in One: a roadtrip and a City trip. Great, isn’t it?

Second flights tricks.

As I have already mentioned it to you higher, having a good preparation of its roadtrip is essential. Your flights will be connected. Do not book too fast your flights, develop at first your routing and then book your flights. You will discover that when we plan its route, make a round flight is not still the best solution but an alternative is to take a flight to go in a city and to come back from an other. That can make you save money but also kilometers. So many routes are possible, then to think of what we really want to see along the journey is essential. As soon as you have your sketch of route, you do not have more than to book your flight and to combine it in your future roadtrip.



The means of transportation, essential in the West – car or camper? The West is vast, the rent is imperative of itself, then will come inevitably the moment or it will be necessary to choose the adequate formula to travel. In numerous forums with comparative degree, it emerges from it that when you travel less than 3 weeks, the rental car with hotels remain an advantageous formula. Then, if you make a long-term journey and besides in family, it is recommended to rent a camper/RV. Each travels differently, for us the camper/RV was our only choice. We wanted to be free, to travel at the rate of our 3 children and especially to live in the heart of the national parks without having to take out the tent, nor to have to go out of the park late in the afternoon to join any hotel at the exit of the national parks. That you rent a car or a camper, take time to verify well your vehicle and its installations, do not forget the spare wheel! For the contract, I recommend you strongly to read the insurance section of the vehicle; quite a lot of tempting offers include no insurance and it would be crazy to take the risk of circulating without any of them on the American territory. Do not hesitate, take time to find what you are looking for in term of vehicle and price but insurance included. Trick if you possess a gold MasterCard or a first visa, think of paying with one of them, because they offer a not insignificant earnings when you rent a vehicle, she allows you to have the franchise included in 0€ or the refund of this one, it can make you save up around 8€ a day of rent. I draw your attention on another point: the expenses of one-way trip or the expenses of drop- off. If you take your vehicle in a city and if you put back it in another city to see another state, you sometimes have expenses in addition for the one-way trip of the vehicle. On the American West, during tourist season, it is possible with certain companies to put back your vehicle in another city, even in another state without paying any extra charge in addition. But keep an eye on it and think of verifying well your contract to avoid of unpleasant surprises.


A well built and well prepared route will make for you simply saved a lot of time. We get fast lost to make kilometers in the United States. I recommend you to establish first and foremost your route according to the duration of your journey. Take time to point at a map, the places which you wish to visit, classify by levels of preferences example: *** or ** or *. Then, why not to select your starting point airport and to establish your route or loop, there or is the inevitable places of your preselection. Of our experience, also prepare the timing of visit, also allows to have a good approach of the amount of time and kilometers to be traveled on every day. Plan a route with reasonable timing and feasible road. Travelling with children, we took time to schedule the duration of each road. Naturally, during the journey we were guided by our desires, but, it would be lieing to you that to tell you that to be good to prepare is useless. For our part, we liked getting up in the morning and to take time to make a discovery hike  in the park then hit the road at the end of the morning for approximately two hours. Of our experience, I would not too much know how to recommend you to sequence your times of driving and route in one or two times on your day. It allows you to take advantage of numerous places of visits and landscapes or big spaces which you will be lucky enough to admire. To become aware of the dimension of the beauty which offers us the American West. To help you to prepare your visits for the heart of the national parks, the Bible is unquestionably the web site: .All the information on the hikes, shuttles, the hotel structures, campground, supermarket, accessible roads or not, everything is there.

Trick Itinerantour: travel not with too many guides if you have prepare your journey, present you to the entrance of every park at the Visitor’s Center which will get for you everything about what you have to dream to discover at best the parks. They are of an extreme kindness and are listening to you. And also you will spare a lot of kilos in your luggage. Routes-13


On the higher quoted site, .You will find the list of the campgrounds in the park. I recommend you to make every effort to stay there. For several reasons: the first one is that you will be fortunate to sleep in luxurious places filled with magic. Locations are always Incredible! In majestic frames. The second reason is that you will wake up before the bustle of possible tourists, you will be the first ones to start up you in the discovery of sites. Third reasons and not the slightest is to be able to take advantage a maximum of sites till the end of the day. The people having no accommodation inside the park, often have to think of leaving the park very early, and  joining the exit to go then to their hotels being outside of the national park and of this fact making kilometers at the end of the day and in the morning to join again the entrance of the park. By staying at the heart of parks with your camper or tent, you are favored! But this privilege deserves! In the previous paragraph, I mention you that we set off in the morning and well it was for a very good reason. To arrive before noon to be certain to find accomodation in the park was favorable to us, we applied this technique and in 90 % of the cases, it was beneficial us. In the majority of camprgrounds being situated inside parks, there is not or little possible reservation in advance. They practise the rule, the first come, first served. Earlier you arrive at the campground, more chance you have to obtain a location. Two small tricks: when you arrive at the entrance of the park, you will have a recapitulative panel of the availability of the campgrounds of the park. Manage you directly from your arrival to the campground which is available. Also, during your arrival in the park, do not think of visiting the park on your route, at first go directly to the campground reserve your location and then leave exploring the park and not the opposite. At 5 pm you reduce strongly your chances to find an available location there. America beautiful pass


But what is this pass, and well it is the sesame to make a roadtrip for the discovery of the American parks. This pass cost 80 usd and allows you to have access during one year to more than 2000 places managed by five federal agencies and to have free access to Nationals Parks and National Monuments. It will be paid off as soon as you visit more than 4 parks. You can get yourself at the hut of the local ranger  at your first night once arrived in a national park. An ID card will be asked you and shall receive you this invaluable sesame to be hung on on your rear-view mirror. You can also get yourself at all the visitor’s center. This inclusive pass automatically 4 adults by vehicles and for the children no expenses in addition. For your information, if you wish to pay parks at every entrance, it will costs you an average of 20 USD by vehicle. If in the course of roadtrip you wish all the same to buy the beautiful pass, no panic, you just have to present your previous total outlays and the rangers will deduct you the previous entries already paid at the price of ” the beautiful of 80usd ” On the other hand, know that The annual pass does not work for State Parks nor for natural sites managed by Indians such as Monument Valley, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons for example. I would like to draw your attention on the practice to resell its pass I am annoyed by this initiative. The collected money allows to protect the nature and the fauna of parks, to have adapted infrastructures, perfect visitor center and rangers in the listening. It seems to me to be normal to participate in conformance for 80usd annual to perpetuate this system and to participate to preserve our planet and its environment. Each acts in all honesty as one said I want of ended this post by telling you on how much the American West is Beautiful! A luxurious journey waits for you, i am an ardent supporters of the nature and the big spaces, I confirm it to you you do not make a mistake by choosing the American West. GO FOR IT!


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