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Very often when we travel and goes off to explore a country, a region, we struggle to make every effort to visit the inevitable, the place to go, the things to do … We prepare to make a success “of The” ride which will lead us necessarily to a fantastic view and without parallel. Very often these magic places ask for a minimum of effort to reach them and we are necessarily proud and filled with gratitude to have led to us until such a beauty. In this post, I would want to speak to you about quite a different discovery which was quite obvious to me during our unplanned coming to Dinosaur National Monument on the border of the Colorado and the Utah. ” The Journey and the Discovery are everything around us, every Second “

Dinosaur_Natl_Monument (6) The journey begins with the look which we can carry in the things which surround us. Take time to observe. It is during the improvised walk after the nap that my journey really take  a New Sense. Everything began thanks to Josie. We leave discovering Josie’s domain, pioneer who at the age of 40 and after her divorce settled down in 1913, alone, to Dinosaur. She builds her house, her enclosures with cows and rabbits there, and will live until she was 90, alone, in complete harmony with nature. Dinosaur_Natl_Monument (8) We are having a walk with the children in this domain, everything is peaceful there and a silence like a collection is naturally imperative, even for our children. There is nothing particular to see but we want to stay there, to get lost there. Dinosaur_Natl_Monument (7) It is at this very moment that a symbiosis of journey operates. I am amazed at this natural beauty, without subtlety which surrounds us. A walk in tall grass, and Neoh happy with his wooden stick which opens him the passage in this grassy and virgin field. Ilena is amazed at the edge of the brook going out of a magic tale. Dinosaur_Natl_Monument (4) We catch ourselves all, and play to make our echos resound which sing us the walls of the canyon. The blue dragonfly accompanies us and opens us the way towards this charming world filled with simplicity and with happiness.Dinosaur_Natl_Monument (5) I thank for knowing a new Journey, that of the pondering over what surrounds me. The nature and the look which we carry her we made discover the real beauty in the course of every journey. As for Dinosaur Monument, not planned on the program, you will be and will stay the trigger of this New Look on The Life and its Journey.

” The Real Journey, it is not to look for new Landscapes, but to have other Eyes ” – Marcel Proust

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