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Our stop-over in Page, was enriched well in terms of visits. We are still surprised by so much beauty so diverse and varied within surrounding Page and its region.

Antelope canyon is undoubtedly an inescapable but justified!

Situated on the east of Page in full Indian Navajos reserve, two slots canyon Upper and Lower are to be discovered.

Having foamed all the information on these two sites, our choice will concern to Lower Antelope Canyon.

Being settled with the compulsory entrance fee on territory Navajos, we join for the next compulsory guided tour.

It is warm, the heat is heavy, our children on our back, Iléna at the lead of our small groups, here we are on the way to discover this very narrow canyon which was formerly accentuated by the water and where the winds of sands completed this work.

We walk, we see nothing, where is this canyon, until the last moment where a fault appears! This is when we perceive this first ladder that leads us straight into the bowels of the canyon.

The water presents formerly, makes place now in a luxurious tortuous throat in walls in thousand orangy tints. This declension of colors in this maze sometimes wide, sometimes narrower, offers us an intense show.

Having cleared itself a passage between two walls, what  will it not be our surprise to admire this beam of the sun which penetrates at the heart of this fault, to give way to an incredible show, colors take life, our camera immortalizes this moment filled with feelings.

After deep sensations, we shall stand out from this maze with the feeling to have discovered a jewel of the nature. These walls of stoneware, called here more collectively Navajos ‘ sandstone will stay in our memoirs and on our numerous pictures. I have only a single recommendation to be made for you: go off to explore this tortuous slot canyon and you will stand out from it delighted.

Tricks of Itinerantour:

Take out your cameras! And especially make them adjust by your Navajo guide,  he will indulge to program the good settings for this light so particular. Then, you will not have more than to shoot!

You will make envious friends with such pictures sooo perfect! Do not burden yourselves with a tripod, it is forbidden unless you opt for the photo-tour (more expensive).

Stay behind the group, it will allow you to take your time, to take advantage completely of this show and especially to make beautiful photos without anyone on them.


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