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One night at Death Valley in campsite with children, What an idea! After a luxurious road since Sequoia National Park, we reach the famous Death Valley. Death Valley National Park is one of the biggest parks of the United States where I confirm, desert landscapes and infernal temperatures are omnipresent, as well as in the daytime than at night. Before living this unbearable night however the mom I am, let us return on this end of day so particular. We make raid in the park by it ca190 where like an air ballet, the winds of sands welcome us by this show seizing with beauty. We already love the  Death Valley. In front of us, extends over not less than 2 kilometers, gigantic sand dunes. We cannot resist to the appeal of dunes, but for the first time, we become aware that the heat is extreme and dry. We take advantage nevertheless carefully of this board where beautiful shadows cherish its impressive sandy hills like an artist’s pallet.

Death Valley-7
Death Valley-11
Death Valley-12

Back to reality, logistic oblige, it is time for us to join our campground. But as in any journey which respects itself, hazards sometimes point their tip of the nose. This one will be considerable, because we shall have no other choices than only to spend at night in a campsite without hook-up and with ban to use the generator! Concretely that means, no air conditioning during the night! Gosh, the night is going to be difficult with our three small kids, we are very aware of it! Let us not loose courage and let us take advantage to make a last stroll more than relaxed, as it very warm, to say goodbye to the sun and admire the sunset on these brilliant rock faces.

Death Valley-16
Death Valley-2
Death Valley-6
Death Valley-3

It’s time to join Morpheus, the heat and the dry air without any breeze will make of this night, the most alarming of all the roadtrip. Small reality the moms, you may have prepared quite in detail, be prepared for you in the possible surprises, you will have deal with the Universe and to yourself at a moment of your journey, it will be there otherwise. Mine having come, and being downright afraid that our children die from warmth and to dehydrate, the night was punctuated with ” drinks all round of frozen waters every 45 minutes “. An thirsty adventure for everybody. Not knowing how to close the eye, the brightness of this black night and the crystal clear atmosphere urge us to raise the eyes to heaven. Slept on the table of the campsite, we shall be in communion with the Milky Way and its billion stars. I confirm it to you, we are very small in front of all this unlimitedness.

The day gets up, the children slept well. Thank you Death Valley

« You have never really seen the stars till you have seen them in Death Valley » – Bessie Johnson


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