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Saint-barth sunset There are moments in the life where sometimes we don’t know what to do anymore to surprise its half. Hey well, I, I do have a small idea which could well please you. Little thing, good well frozen bottle of champagne and 2 glasses of champagne is enough. I know what you go to say, ” too much dumped!! “. Maybe, maybe not. When we are in love, we adore feeling alone in the world, the time is as frozen and then everything around us the noises fade, and we hear nothing more of other than the heart of the beloved pounding during these magic moments. Saint-Barth abounds in magic and romantic places, it is nice to know themIMG_2412My preferred is the Lighthouse of Gustavia at sunset. At this time of the day, everything calms down, birds settle, the wind slows down  its running, and the sun brings out its most beautiful orangy dress to greet us. It is at this very moment that the noise of the bubbles of champagne takes all its sense and that the magic operates. You are living this moment without knowing still that it will soon be one an unforgettable souvenir. Other places as that one exists on the island, as the point of Gustavia, at the other end of the natural harbour near the collectivity. At the end of the walk, you are in complete communion with the sea for an ultimate representation of the sun. It will be necessary to wait for the next day, 24 long hours, to be able to be lucky enough to see again this magnificent show. Or still the beach of Shell Beach, Shell Beach is known for that. To take advantage of the sunset, go on the left of the beach, farthest possible, near rocks to hillside, you will take advantage of a few minutes furthermore than the others. Just the time to finish up your glass of champagne and to go away towards where the desire leads you.

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