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Ah, that this magic memory will for ever remain engraved in our head.

We are staying at Canyonlands National Park, a wild, little frequented park which offers to the explorers a concentrated of the most beautiful western American landscapes .

We shall spend a night in a campground not far from the entrance of the park. We have a very precise idea for our rise, attend the unique sunrise at Mesa Arch and attend his illumination. We went to bed very fast so much the impatience of the next day invades us.

The awakening is easy, the children still asleep behind our camper, we leave our campground without making too much noise, it is 4:30 am. The use of the generator is forbidden in his early hours, we shall take time to make us an instant coffee and to warm the baby-bottles of our kids on the parking lot in Canyonlands National Park.

We are there fast, in only 20 minutes, we reach the place where we shall begin our hike. We are not the first ones, it presses us even more, we warm the baby-bottles, prepare our baby-carriers, hats to protect our kids as the temperature is still fresh in the dawn. We wake our treasures, without flinching and always a little bit asleep, we begin our hike, it is still dark. Ilena leads the way with his headlamp, we follow her without hesitating, it is that she manages down from 5 years. She kinks us with her backpack, her shoes and her will to discover everything and to miss nothing at every step she make.

Mesa Arch-Utah (19)

We shall walk on a distance of a kilometer by climbing some rocks, impatient to discover it finally, our eagle eyes try to perceive it at every step, but it will be necessary for us to wait the last second of the path to realize finally that it deploys in front of us, the majestic. It makes still discreet in the twilight but we are not alone, the photographers and them tripods are already firmly in place.

In position, for what, you will tell me, what are they waiting for? THE magic moment.

At sunrise, the bottom of the Arch is colored a few moments of a brilliant red and besides living this magic moment, capturing this fabulous picture is also our goal.

Nicolas clears himself a place among numerous Japanese photographers, always with our Neoh on the back . He misses nothing and learned all the settings that his dad is making on his camera, he bounces up and down during the installation of the tripod without flinching, ” I am with dad and am safe “.

For my part, I remove Lily of my back, always installed in the carrier but in security with Ilena because it is “Milk time”. After this beautiful morning, having breakfast at this place brought out of a dream is a moment of pure happiness and silence. The children wait for the moment, look at the broom of the photographers who are setting up and become quite slowly more impatient. The sky is loaded, the anxiety rises, are the sun rays going to drill this thick coat of clouds in time? Not sure! Not gained!

Mesa Arch-Utah (1)
Mesa Arch-Utah (4)
Mesa Arch-Utah (5)
The place and this arch remains nevertheless magic, we are entitled to a spectacular view on canyons dug by the Colorado and on Sal Mountains.
Mesa Arch-Utah (14)
Mesa Arch-Utah (18)

That’s it, shutters start up, a noise of jingle takes place in this enchanters silence . The arch is fired, beams drilled this thick coat and the show is at its peak in an instant, the arch is now of an intense red, the show is magnificient, the silence returns, everybody contemplates this moment which will remain unforgettable.

Mesa Arch-Utah (13)

After a few minutes, the arch dominates again the canyon, it’s time to take back the hiking trail with images full in our eyes. This hike will offer us even some beautiful moments of discoveries, the sun finally raised, we discover then a typical vegetation of its desert high plateaus. Definitely, we are fortunate. Let us go off to explore ” The Island in The Sky ” now! This day so well began.

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