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Kodachrome Basin State Park came to us as an obvious stage by leaving Bryce Canyon before joining Zion.

It is instinctively that we take back the scenic famous drive 12 in the direction of the Southeast.

For many geologists, this site was formerly it amounting of Yellowstone National Park. They are persuaded that these famous 67 sedimentary fireplaces which make the fame of Kodachrome would be the vestiges of former ponds to the hot springs of water and geysers.

Its massive fireplaces formed by the erosion over time allow us to contemplate its rocky formations decimated in the park and to make a jump of 180 million years of geological time.

These multicolored columns leave us speechless; so much beauty in the heart of this semi-arid desert rich in vegetation.

This one seems to us motionless and strong lend to resist the drought of the region and to embellish our pictures.

Kodachrome Basin State Park inspires the photographer who slumbers in each of us.

Such was already the case for National Geographic Society which gave the name of Kodachrome in memory of a shooting with the movie Kodachrome de Kodak.

Upon our arrival, the call of the nature, the hike and the photo take all their sense, we explore all its paths in the middle of this show of fireplaces of stoneware where colors vary according to the humor of the sky, where its petrified trees offer us a mixed dance.

All its varied nuances, the vegetation of the desert and the light between heaven and earth will make our paradise of the immediate!

All this inspiring landscape where abound the peace and the tranquillity gives us the certainty that it would be a well pleasing place to camp. Ok,we stay.

This park surprises us then, as what was not our surprise to discover thanks to the total absence of pollution and light, a New World offers itself to us, an infinitely studed sky.

I confirm you that going to Kodachrome Basin is unquestionably a future stop-over filled with surprises and with delight and for on if you are an amateur of astronomy or geology either of photo or tranquillity this State Park is made for you!

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