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Rencontre Improbable

The universe that surrounds us offers us every day its prize of surprise.

But when the Universe with a “U” capital letter begins communicating with you, have a good seat because the surprise can sometimes show itself of size. In the course of our visit in bowels of the Earth, to Antelope Canyon, let us float in the middle of this majestic abyss dug by the water millions years ago. From the beginning of our walking in this sinuous canyon we were on the lookout for this ray of light which crossed the earth and illuminated this canyon in thousand of orange-colored colors. At last, camera in hand, we made 800 photos on this last hour. And yes, that makes a little more than 13 photos per minute, that is 1 every 4 seconds!!!!

Naturally, we do not look at our photos on the spot, maybe would we have to… What is not our surprise to see composed proudly on the film… An Unlikely encounter…

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