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What’s to be done if you have only 24 hours to be spent in Saint-Barth?

First of all, make a tour along the marina. Depending of your day of arrival, you will be lucky enough to see there probably the most beautiful yachts of the planet or still the biggest sailboats of the world. Their meeting dates differ because for some, it will be necessary to come between Christmas and New-Year’s eve and for the others, toward the end in March, during the famous regatta known under the name of “Bucket Regata”. To participate in it, one only one rule: have a boat where the minimal length is 33 meters or 100 ft. There are also the other racing sailboats which come for  a short time to confront themselves in a friendly but serious competition. Your stroll should bring you at the end of the natural harbour and near the Anglican Church. Along this street is typical constructions of Swedish period. By walking a little further, you will discover the beach known as “Shell Beach”, where the sunset is an appointment with everybody towards 18:15. In the course of your stroll on Gustavia, borrow the central street lined with palm trees. The latter will return you towards the city center where you will cross various bars and restaurants. Do not miss the compulsory visit of the luxury stores which crowd each other and where among badeaux you will meet maybe a personality. By raising your eyes, you will perceive the lighthouse of Gustavia which if you have the courage to climb on it, will offer you a fantastic view of Gustavia. It is possible to make a historic stroll of Gustavia by arming yourself with a small available guide in the bookshops of the island. There is no public transportation to Saint-Barthélemy, you should know, thus if you are have the opportunity to catch a taxi or rent a car, do not hesitate to make the island tour to discover it and among the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

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